Our work

Sometimes, less is more

Not all businesses require a complex multi-page website. Your business may simply need a digital presence where you describe your offering and invite potential customers to get in touch with you.

In this example, the business wanted a single page approach to educate potential new customers about their service and encourage them to get in touch via an online form for more information / book an appointment.

Increased credibility

When people are looking for a local service provider they go online looking at 2 things: your website, and your customer reviews. If your website doesn’t look professional: you are losing business opportunities.

We built the below websites for business owners looking to showcase their work and increase their credibility. In some ways the website became their business card.

Collect monthly payments

In some instances you might want to control access to premium content and make it available only to the paid members of your website. It’s a great way to generate a passive source of income with monthly paid membership for instance.

Here this web app offers educational content to learn how to play pool to whoever subscribes to their paid membership. We implemented Stripe to handle the payments.

Add content yourself

Some business models require the owner to constantly update their website with new content.
For instance this real estate company needs to be able to add or remove properties themselves.

So we implemented an easy to use interface for them to manage their listings.

93% of people go online before buying a product or service.